A History of the Burns Family
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PART THREE: Cuyahoga Falls, 1905-1917  

Chapter One: Evelyn

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Spring, 1905

1 - Evelyn
2 - Brown House
3 - Celery Swamp
4 - Don
5 - Brown Nut
6 - Burns & Howe
7 - Brother & Sister
8 - Nature Lovers
9 - Christmas
10 - The Country
11 - Flood
12 - Ebba in Cleveland
13 - Dave Jr.

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Snippet of a letter from Mucher, dated March 27, 1905, to an 8-months' pregnant Ada
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Announcement sent to Zoe on May 10, 1905, the day after Ebba was born


I was born in a two-room cottage in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, and lived there for a year.  My mother and father made this into a lovely place.  Unfortunately, I was too young to appreciate the sheer beauty of my surroundings, but I was always aware of the love and warmth that surrounded me.  Behind the cottage was an old gnarled apple tree, and from my earliest days, my mother, after I had been bathed and dressed, would put me in a laundry basket and place me under the tree.  There, according to her, I would gurgle and croon as I tried to catch the sunbeams or  moving leaf shadows.  There was a tall hedge of lilacs all around the cottage, and under the apple tree, there were lily of the valley, wild violets, and daffodils.  At the end of the yard was a thicket of wild crabapple, and it seemed to me that I was steeped in these fragrances and that they have lasted all this time.  I still love the fragrances of May.” [1]   

-- Evelyn Burke, 1993

As I sit here in the sunshine, my thots go back to a May morning thirty-two years ago, when dad was called from his work to await your arrival, and all day long he labored in the garden which surrounded the little brown house that was the nest for the beginning of our family.  How anxious we were for the first glimpse of our son, which turned out to be “our Ebba,” so bright, so beautiful, and so precious.  But the sun went down and arose four successive days before we were rewarded with your plaintive feeble cry, and your tender little body to love and care for.

-- From a May, 1937 letter from Ada to Ebba


Arrow points to Lorenzo's house - Grand is around the corner [2]

[1] From Ebba’s memoirs as written for Daniel Vaughan in 1993. A later letter from Ada to Ebba suggests she was born at ten in the morning.

[2] From 1915 plat map of Summit County (online map room, summitmemory.org). One of the family letters later refers to the little house on Grand, so that's how we know the house was located near Lorenzo and Mary Rebecca.