A History of the Burns Family
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When my parents married in April of 1945, all signs pointed to smooth sailing for the Burns clan. And the general trajectory from then on was toward success, for the business and for the family.

Three more grandchildren were born, Penelope (1945) to Don and Helen, and Katherine Ann (1949) and Mary Rebecca (1953) to Bob and Betty. D.A. Burns flourished. The cabin up in Big Lake continued as a family gathering place for many years. Guy and Ada "retired" to 11007 Champagne Point Road N.E. in Kirkland, and lived out their lives in a charming lakeside house. Evelyn, Don, Dave, and Bob all achieved career success in their chosen fields. All had children who adored them, with Ebba esentially adopting her nieces and nephew as her own little flock to fuss over throughout her life.

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D.A. Burns & Sons
Big Lake
Ada and Guy
Don and Helen
Dave and Wilma
Bob and Betty

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